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  • What Is a Shoe Last?

    A shoe last is a 3-dimensional wooden or plastic mold upon which a shoe is constructed. The last used during shoe assembly can affect the overall fit of a shoe, and all lasts include the following ...

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  • My Shoes Are Squeaking - How Do I Fix It?

    We are sorry to hear that your shoes are squeaking. We make our shoes with removable inserts to allow you to further customize your shoe fit through the use of our upgraded insoles or an orthotic. ...

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  • When Should I Replace My Shoes?

    There is no exact science in determining the expected lifetime of a shoe. There are many variables that can greatly affect the wear of your shoes: Weight. Level and frequency of activity. The envi...

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  • Wear Questions: How Should I Clean My New Balance Shoes?

    The suggested cleaning method for New Balance shoes is to use a light bristle brush (old tooth brush) and a light detergent (dish washing or laundry). Scrub the shoes with the brush and use a damp ...

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  • Does New Balance Manufacture Vegan Shoes?

    Many of our models are made with synthetic materials. However, please note that we do use different types of glues depending on what is available. Some glues contain animal products. Although the s...

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  • How Do New Balance Shoes Fit?

    New Balance is proud to offer many shoe models in multiple widths, from narrow (2A) to extra-extra-wide (6E). Just like people, feet come in all shapes. A proper fit means multiple widths, not just...

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